BCCI requests that the ICC allow insignia gloves of the Dhoni Army

BCCI requests that the ICC allow insignia gloves of the Dhoni Army

On Thursday, Vinod Rai, Chief of the Administrative Committee, said that the BCCI had sought the approval of the ICC. Mahendra Singh Dhoni would keep carrying the dragging badge on his wicket-keeping gloves as it is not a military symbol.

During the opening match in India for the South Africa World Cup against Southampton, a dagger logo, more like an insignia of the army was engraved on Dhoni’s green holding gloves.

“A formal request for clearance had already been sent by the BCCI to the ICC. Players can not sport any business, religious or army logo in accordance with ICC regulations. In this regard, as we all know, there was nothing commercial or religious,” Rai said over the phone to PTI.

“And in his gloves is not the paramilitary rank dagger. Dhoni therefore does not violate ICC laws,” he added. The ICC ‘ asked the BCCI ‘ to ask Dhoni to remove the glove mark, by quoting laws that prohibit the display of “political, religious or ethnic actions or triggers ‘ texts.Dhoni is an honorary lieutenant colonel of the Territorial Army Parachute Regiment, and his emblem includes the dagger.

The CoA leader defends it by saying, “Balidan” (sacrifice) is the para-regimental dagger logo engraved on it, not the Dhoni logo. If it strictly follows rules, the ICC may not cut a lot of ice.

The action of the CoA follows a critique of the objections of the ICC by the social media. On questioning how India would react if the ICC insists that the Dhoni sign be removed and sanctions for suspicion, Rai said, “I believe it was requested to be removed, not instructions.

“For us the BCCI CEO (Rahul Johri) will reach the game and will talk to senior officers of the ICC before the Australian match.”