BJP plans to put pressure on the Karnataka government

BJP plans to put pressure on the Karnataka government

The Party of Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) on Wednesday decided to launch a series of demonstrations to demonstrate its supposed inability to perform their responsibilities against the government of Karnatsaka’s Congress-Janata Dal (Secular) coalition coalition.

The Bharatiya Janata Party retained its legislative party, the first to have won 25 of 28 government seats in Lok Sabha elections. The management of the State Party developed the new approach, asked by the central management of BJP not to destabilize the coalition government.

Based on anonymity, a senior BJP leader said the BJP was certain that inner contradictions among coalition partners would guarantee the government would collapse without much effort. “We decided we had to do everything we had to do, to ramp up public pressure,” he said.

This takes into account the anger expressed against the coalition by senior Congressional officials on Tuesday. The BJP’s offensive goes even as Chief Minister HD Kumaraswamy announced that as part of an outreach program he will undertake several government village visits.

The BJP decided to prevent the event by hosting a number of visits before Kumaraswamy’s programme, organized by former CF Minister BS Yeddyurappa, at its legislature session. BJP Secretary-General Arvind Limbavali stated that Yeddyurappa would stress the inability of the state govt to address serious drought in the govt.

“From June 7-9, the districts of northern parts of the state will be visited by Yeddyurappa to pressure the country government …,” said Limbavali. The CM stated that the village was not primarily aimed at developing certain villages. “The purpose of visits to the village … Checking administrative machinery function, examining whether public systems are helpful and seeking views from people and addressing problems raised.