doctors of Delhi will be on strike, health facilities will be affected today

doctors of Delhi will be on strike, health facilities will be affected today

For the fourth successive day on Friday, state-run health facilities in Bengal continued to be significantly impacted with junior doctors continuing their strike in defiance of the ultimatum of Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee to enter the job a day sooner.

On Friday morning, however, junior doctors permitted patients to be taken to the NRS Medical College and Hospital emergency department which had been closed since Tuesday. But at the emergency manned by senior medics, they didn’t treat patients.

In nearly all state-run hospitals, the outdoor patient department continued to be closed. Since Tuesday night, the junior doctors have been on strike to protest the brutal assault on two peers at Nilratan Sarkar Medical College and Hospital by family members of an octogenarian patient who passed away on Monday night.

On Friday, the Indian Medical Association proclaimed the event as “All India Protest Day,” and expressed its solidarity with the striking doctors.Doctors have gone out to help their striking peers, in some areas of the nation including AIIMS and JJ Hospital, in Delhi, Bengal.

In keeping with the continued disturbance in medical facilities, the CM, which owns the health and family welfare portfolio, toured the state-run SSKM hospital around midday, and advised the young medical profession, if the job was not resumed until 14 p.m.

After Banerjee’s warning, the SSKM Hospital and Burdwan Medical College began to offer emergency services. However, young physicians refused to buckle and kept protesting.The New Delhi-based All Indias Medical Institute (AIIMS) and the Safdarjung Hospital, together with more than 3,500 resident physicians from the two hospitals, continue suspending all outpatient clinics.

Officers stated that the emergency services and ICU’s will be run by senior physicians. The two hospitals are home to nearly 20,000 patients, with 40% from neighboring countries on therapy.Maharashtra resident physicians too will be joined in a one-day national strike on Friday by some 80,000 peers throughout the nation.

Because of the strike, state medical colleges are forced into hold between 8 am and 5 pm for routine surgeries and educational, out-patient and in-patient facilities.There are planned to be a few protest processions in Kolkata. The head and medical superior of NRS wrote on Thursday evening to the Director of medical education to resign.

The CPI(M) and the BJP have called the strike a conspiracy while the Opposition has assaulted the CM Bannerjee on its deadlock, accusing her of having “Hitler”

The Chief Minister in a Facebook article stressed the situation of patients in hospitals owing to the continuing strike, claiming that the Government cooperated with physicians. She characterized the injuries suffered by the NRS Medical College and Hospital’s two junior doctors as ‘ sad. ‘

Five persons have been arrested in connection with the incident, Banerjee said, adding that an inquiry has also been ordered to look into complaint of negligence during treatment, resulting in the death of the patient.