DU Admissions 2019 : Last registration date extended until 22 June

DU : Last registration date extended until 22 June after HC orders

DU Admissions 2019 : On Friday, the High Court ordered Delhi University (DU) to extend to June 22 the last registration date for undergraduate (UG) classes. The direction arrives on the last registration planned day.

On Friday, Delhi University (DU) was instructed by the High Court to extend the last date for undergraduate (UG) courses to June 22. The direction comes on the last scheduled day of registration.The tribunal also instructed the university to allow learners to apply on the basis of the 2018-19 eligibility requirements for admission to UG classes.

It was compulsory for the university this year to include mathematics in four BA (Hons) topics and at least 50 percent of the mathematical grades for B Com (Hons). However, no such criteria were laid down for any of these lessons until last year.

Despite a number of efforts, the Chair of the Admission Committee, Rajeev Gupta, the DU Vice Chancellor, Yogesh Tyagi, Registrar Tarun Das have not answered calls and emails.The administration will seek legal advice in this matter, a senior DU officer said. “After 15 days this year, the entry method started, and the court order will delay the procedure further.

On Saturday morning DU representatives called a conference to decide how to do it. DU can question the order. The internet registrations will proceed until then, “said the official, asking for anonymity.

DU had got more than 2,36 lakh requests for about 62,000 UG seats up to Friday night. Of the officials, maximum apps for English (Hons) and followed by BA Political Science (Hons) and BA (program) were obtained until Friday.

The tribunal also indicated that these guidelines would not deter DU, as needed, from making adjustments to its UG courses in the coming year. It retained, however, that the modifications must be made pursuant to the law, which would require at least six months of notice to the general public.

The petitions claimed that learners were unaware that the eligibility requirements for certain classes were modified a day before the registrations were opened on 30 May.They argued that modifications were illegal and violated arbitrarily without previous notice in accordance with Article 14 of the Constitution.

“In DU a branch should be able to discuss and debate the improvements that will be made throughout the year in the admissions system.It makes no sense to set up admissions committees every year, just a couple of months before the process of admission starts, “stated Rasal Singh, DU Academic Committee member.