DU reaches transgender students to help the process of admission

DU reaches transgender students to help the process of admission

DU Admission 2019: The Transgenerative Resource Center of Delhi University will discuss further outreach approaches in this year’s admission process, established last year to provide educational counseling to transgenerative students.

In 2018, there were only 10-15 students from the transgender community who reached the centre. None of the candidates, however, enrolled in regular DU courses. Since the introduction of the third gender category in 2015, the varsity had received around 100 applications.

“Our central model was unlikely to provide us with the desired output and encourage more transgenderers to go to higher education after last year. We’re focusing now to find out if it works better, “says Rajesh, an Associate Professor at the Adult Education and Extension Department, who runs the centre.

The center also approached voluntary organizations to assist them in the outreach programs, Rajesh said.The purpose of this program would be to connect and visit volunteers from organizations and from the Center to provide educational counseling and troubleshooting “informational packages.””We are aiming at at least 1,000 transgendered people. That’s why at least two-three organizations are reached every week,” he added.

The online enrollment process for university undergraduate programs started last week and students are allowed to enroll for various courses till 14 June.

The center also has a team of volunteers who have been engaged in awareness-raising programmes.”At primary level, sensitisation must also occur. We also focus on providing transgenderers with” an information package, “so that those who wish to learn know how to do things,” added Rajesh.

The center will train them on online admission together with voluntary organizations working with transgenderers. “There is information about the place to be received, how to proceed with various admissions, including those at the Indira Gandhi University National Open and Open Learning School, sharing important dates and so on,” said Rajesh.

The transgender community currently prefers choosing options for distance learning. A transgender student requested anonymity: “Apart from lack of awareness, regular classes also prove an impede, for many of us need to work and provide financial support.”