Former Principal found in Gurugram murdered at home

Former Principal found in Gurugram murdered at home

Gurugram: On Saturday night in Sector 23, police said, a 51-year-old woman was found dead in suspicious circumstances on her house.

The lady’s brother, his wife and their daughter were charged with killing, following a complaint filed with the police by the woman’s husband alleging that she was murdered. So far, the incident has not been arrested.

The deceased, former headmaster of a private school in the town, held several senior teaching positions in the town and Pune, and in Dubai and Singapore. The school was headed by a group of private schools.

Before she was allegedly assassinated, she and an elderly person in the field were working on a project relating to a school curriculum.

The police reported the incident at 9.10 and found the woman lying at the first floor of her house on a sofa-bed. Police said that the reason behind the alleged killing could be a property dispute. The police are waiting for the report on autopsy.

A few hours before she died, the son of the woman said that she had contacted him. She had sent him a “IPC Contact them” message on Instagram, at 6.07pm.

“I was at work and later saw the message, unfortunately. I believe that it meant” calling the police immediately. “After a month and a few minutes after logging in she sent that message,” he says. She logged into Instagram.

“I had talked to her about 5 pm and at that time it was all right. I phoned her at 7.12pm. I called her.The word ‘ bachao, balcony, light-on, maar diya, bhag gya (save me, balcony, light switched on, run away from the spot) ‘ was mumbling out of her breath. After 21 seconds, the call was disconnected. She didn’t respond to phone calls afterwards, “he said.

He added that after killing his mother he suspects that someone broke into their home and escaped.

In the police complaint the husband of the woman said that when he received a call from his son at 7.13 pm, he was returning from the Sector 23 Market and asked him to rush home.It is the FIR that mente bailcony ki light chala aur où balcony se bhag gya, the woman telling her son ‘ bachao, bachao, maar diya. (Save me, I was wounded and switched on and they escaped from the balcony).

“Around 7.30 p.m. I arrived at home and found out the inside door was locked. I continued to knock at the door until 19.55, but no answer.My son reached home at approximately 8.15pm. We managed to break into the house and saw my wife lie in the sofa bed after struggle for at least half an hour.Her clothing was clothed in dust, her hand was a blood clot and her front was marked with two rod marks. We called the police and an ambulance at 8:50 pm, “said the husband of the female to the police.

The husband of the woman alleged that his brother, his sister-in-law, and their daughter had murdered his wife because they had a dispute with them on property, both in the lower and the high court.

He also alleged that they often had disagreements with them. He alleged that when she came to work and when his brother stalked his wife online.

Sumer Singh, Deputy Police Commissioner (DCP) west, stated that the police are monitoring the content of the complaint and reviewing the property dispute details.

“A sonde was started and after the post-mortem review report, the cause of death should be known. Forensic analysis was sent to the samples. There was no arrest,” DCP Singh said.

An investigation private police officer asked for anonymity and said that the woman had no external injury. “She found her shows in the balcony and found the chair stumbled,” the officer said.

A case was filed on Saturday night with Palam Vihar Police Station against the three suspects in accordance with articles 302 (murder) and 34 (acts by multiple people to promote common intent), according to the Indian Penal Code.