Government proposes modifications to copyright regulations

Government proposes modifications to copyright regulations

The government proposes a system to guarantee that songs and video material reaches as many individuals at an affordable cost as possible which may be resolved by an IPAB quasi-judicial body.The amendments are suggested in the Rules for Copyright (Amendment) 2019, which the Ministry of Commerce and Industry published until June 29 as their draft for opinions and observations.

When the modifications have been authorized, websites, portals and streaming companies will be able to purchase and upload content (songs and videos). This move could, however, damage the business value of song and video content owners.

The Act currently includes only radio stations and TV broadcast companies are permitted to give the owners permits and negotiate a pricing in accordance with Section 31D of the Law either bilaterally or through IPAB. Now, the draft rule proposes to cover companies operating through digital mode like websites and music streaming firms.

The draft rule now recommends that businesses such as websites and music streaming businesses should be covered by digital mode.

In view of the technological progress in the digital era and in order to guarantee compliance with the copyright act in a smooth and flawless way with other appropriate legislation,The DPIIT now proposes to implement the Rules of Procedure for Amendment 2019, the Department for Promotion of Industry and Internal Trade, “an official declaration stated. The DPIIT has now suggested the introduction of the Copyright Amendment Rules,2019, “said the Department of Industry and Internal Trade.

Copyright is governed by the copyright laws of 1957 and the copyright rules of 2013. The last change to the regulations was in 2016.

An official source said that while the law protects and gives the content owners rights, at the same time it is their responsibility to make the contents available at affordable prices for more and more people.

“Content owners should not be monopolized solely by the content and it should reach an increasing number of individuals,” said the source. An expert said the government also needed to amend the copyright law in order to implement the proposition.

The act only speaks about radio, TV and no other way of communication. Amit Dutta, partner Saikrishna Associates, said it was. The government will need to modify the Act in order to bring the changes suggested in the regulations into force.

The amendments suggested are contrary to the interests of the owners of song and video material. In favor of the owners, too, there is a high court decision.