Mayawati leaving alliance with SP, says bsp will fight alone in by elections


On Tuesday Bahujan Samaj Party Leader Mayawati said her parties would contest 11 bypolls alone, but this does not imply “continuous breaks” in their relations with the Samajwadi Party of Akhilesh Yadav. In the Lok Sabha elections, the SP-BSP alliance fared badly with only 15 out of 80 UP seats.

Mayawati has not been aware of any political compulsions, and in the Lok Sabha elections the vote of the base group of the Samajwadi party-the community of Yadav-was not supportive.

The boss of the BSP said that his dealings with Akhilesh Yadav are not just politics. SP Chief Yadav and his wife Dimple Yadav have always paid much regard to me since the SP-BSP co-ordination took place.I also forgot and respected all our distinctions in the nation’s interest. It’s not just politics, it will proceed indefinitely, “the ANI news agency cited.

Mayawati directed them to begin preparing for the by-elections on 11 assembly sites that were vacant after the election of the MLAs for Lok Sabha to meet with the rulers of the parties at Uttar Pradesh in Delhi.

The Samajwadi party was surprised by Mayawati’s indications of the end of the alliance. The party management will meet to address the matter, SP spokesman Rajendra Chaudhary said.

Samajwadi leader of the Party Akhilesh Yadav, on the Azamgarh trip, said he was “no idea” of Mayawati’s choice to thank individuals for their assistance during polling. The Lok Sabha of Azamgarh appointed Akhilesh Yadav.

The BJP attacked the opposition quickly and declared the BSP-SP alliance to be an opportunity. “BSP-SP-RLD’s alliance was opportunistic to serve the interests of the public and to cheat the individuals.

It was not an ideological and fundamental alliance. According to BJP Speaker Salabh Mani Tripathi, Akhilesh should be made clear on the allegations laid down by Mayawati that he could not transfer SP votes for BSP.

In Lok Sabha polls, the BSP had joined hands with SP to prevent the BJP, but did not cause a lot of harm. Of the state’s 80 locomotives, 62 were won by the BJP, and 10 were won by BSP from zero in 2014.In a few traditional Yadav bastions, among others the Kannauj, Akhilesh Yadav’s Dimple lost about 12,000 votes. The SP won only five seats and lost several.