Payal Tadvi Suicide : not hardcore criminals accused,HC says

Payal Tadvi Suicide : not hardcore criminals accused,HC says

The High Court of the Republic of Bombay (HC) on Thursday declined to grant custody of Dr Payal Tadvi suicide by the Mumbai Police branch for three physicians. The Court has noted that the crime branch can bring them to interrogation on Friday, Saturday and Sunday from Byculla Jail, observe that Dr. Hema Ahuja, Dr. Bhakti and Dr. Ankita Khandelwal were not “firm criminals”

On Tuesday, Dr. Ahuja, Dr. Mehare and Dr. Khandelwal were brought to the HC for detention by the crime branch. The criminal branch hear the plea on Thursday from Justice SS Shinde.

Attorney Raja Thakare appeared to the branch of the crime on May 30 and said that he was not given the chance to question the three physicians as a reduced court did not give the accused a police custody of the criminal branch. Thakare said that a custodial questioning was required of the trio that did not cooperate with Agripada police.

The defending lawyer Abad Ponda argues that his customers have been innocent and only critiqued for not doing their work correctly by the deceased. He proposed to question the trio of Byculla Jail, the crime branch, which remained there until June 12.The defendant has requested bail, but he will not press it until 12 June.

Thakare said the criminal branch required custody for at least 48 hours in order to search and face the fresh subjects gathered in the inquiry in their hostel rooms.

Justice Shinde said after hearing both parties, “They [ the defendants ] are not hardcore criminals. They’re health workers who are connected to a state hospital. He allowed the criminal branch to remove the trio from Byculla Jail at 9 a.m. and bring them back to prison by 6 p.m. On Friday, Saturday and Sunday, the criminal branch can question the three accused.

On 22 May, Dr Tadvi, a second-year TN Topiwala National Medical College Gynecology student in her hostel room, perpetrated suicide.After Dr Tadvi’s parents lodged a complaint that the three accused were harassing Dr Tadvi for being a tribal and a quota student, Agripada Police recorded an affair against the 3 learners at the same institution who are three years old.