PM Modi in Kerala’s Guruvayoor temple worshiped Lord Krishna

PM Modi in Kerala's Guruvayoor temple worshiped Lord Krishna

On the first government appearance after his thanksgiving journey to the Varanasi district, Prime Minister Narendra Modi provided a prayer in the Sri Krishna Temple in Guruvayur in Kerala. In a mundu traditional clothing from Kerala, the prime minister, who took the chopper from Kochi to Guruvayur went.

The PM, chanting its name, was greeted by a big crowd outside the temple.In the temple the lotus flowers weighed him. The temple in the neighboring Tamil Nadu obtained 112 kg of lotus flowers from Nagarcoil.

He met with temple authorities after the prayers, who presented a memorandum to develop the temple. The Temple of Guruvayur is one of the best known temples in Kerala.A visit by Modi only went over a week after being sworn in for the second successive term as Prime Minister of the nation. Later in the afternoon, he will go to the Maldives.

Guruvayur was transformed into a fortress city with high safety prior to his visit. In perspective of his visit, security was tightened around the temple city.The PM office asked the Temples Board to prevent discomfort to pilgrims during its visit but pilgrims will not be permitted to visit it between 10 a.m. and 11 a.m. on account of safety. Shortly after his second visit to Gujarat, Modi toured the temple in 2008.

“When the temple visits take place, the participants will speak at Sree Krishna School’s conference of Thrissur district and Malappuram party employees. This is the first meeting that the prime minister has called, after his visit to his constituency in Varanasi, “said President of the BJP, P. Sreedharan Pillai. This meeting has been called” Abinandan Sabha.While the party could not win a seat, its voting share in the 2019 elections increased significantly.

The party made clear after powerful incursions in West Bengal and Odisha that Kerala now ranks top in their list. Sabarimala temple devotees expect a PM announcement in order to safeguard customs of the temple. The Congress has shown that it supports any step to maintain the temple’s ancient customs.

Following the attempts of the government to enforce Supreme Court decisions allowing women of all ages to pray in the temple, violent demonstrations were held in the State. Women’s admission proceedings were cited as the main reason behind the routing of Left-wing parties in the elections in Lok Sabah. The UDF led by Congress won nineteen of the 20 Lok Sabha seats in the state, and only one of the Left Front.