Thanks to PM Modi, Netanyahu tweeted on India’s rare vote for Israel in the UN

Thanks to PM Modi, Netanyahu tweeted on India's rare vote for Israel in the UN

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu thanked Narendra Modi, his Indian counterpart, for voting in favor of a choice of the Jewish State, which objected to the UN Economic and Social Council giving Palestinian Group consultative status.

In a rare move, on Tuesday India voted for Israel’s status as an observer in the ECOSOC (United Nations Economic and Social Council), which Israel claimed did not reveal its connections with Hamas.

India’s stance was consistent and obvious on the Middle East peace process.India promotes the negotiated solution to Palestine’s sovereign, autonomous, feasible and united state with East Jerusalem as its capital, living on safe and recognized boundaries, as supported in the Quatortet Roadmap and appropriate UNSC resolutions, side by side, on peace with Israel.

During a 2015 UNHRC vote in New Delhi on a resolution concerning violence in Gaza which was seen by many as a ‘ important step ‘ in Israel, the “evolving powerful chemistry between Modi and Netanyahu,” New Delhi had been abstained from voting.

The PA was then told by India why it stands and Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas “acknowledged and understood” why New Delhi abstained.The UN vote on EcoSoc was held in favor of Israel, while China, Russia, Saudi Arabia, Pakistan and others voted against it in nations such as the USA, France, Germany, India, Japan, United Kingdom, South Korea and Canada.

A 28/14 vote dismissed the suggestion by the Palestinian NGO ‘ Shahed ‘ for observer status in the UN.In a tweet, Maya Kadosh, deputy head of the Israeli mission in India, thanked New Delhi for standing with @IsraelinUN on Tuesday, and rejected “Shahed”‘s demand for an observer status.

Kadosh said that the organization has relations with Hezbollah and Palestinian Islamic Yihad designated as a terrorist organization in 1997. We will proceed together to act against terrorist organizations which are intended to hurt.

“It is a nice sign … India has been our first Asian nation, so we are really pleased,” she added. “It is a nice sign .In a declaration from Israeli Foreign Minister’s subsequent declaration, the ‘ Shahed ‘ alleges that it is a terrorist organisation, but it works in practice as an ‘ arm for the terrorist Hamas ‘ organization based in Lebanon. It is a human-rights and humanitarian organization.Many European countries defined the Palestinian Islamist group Hamas as a terrorist organization.