The weakness of PM Modi returns after Rahul Gandhi digs in Wayanad

The weakness of PM Modi returns after Rahul Gandhi digs in Wayanad

Prime Minister Narendra Modi, President Rahul Gandhi, took a veiled dig in Congress on Sunday, stating that the top opposition leader was not yet able to emerge from “weakness” elections.The Prime Minister affirmed that the BJP couldn’t win Lok Sabha elections in these two countries, but would accelerate further the job to improve the Andhra Pradesh and Tamil Nadu individuals.

Because of the enormous mandate we have had, some believe that public expectations and ambitions have risen. You wonder also what Modi can do. We ought to see it as the fortune of India and a wonderful chance. I think that is a guarantee for a more brilliant India, “he said.

In Renigunta close here Modi addressed a grateful government conference organized by BJP Andhra Pradesh. It seems that the Prime Minister took potshots of Rahul Gandhi on his latest remarks in Wayanad on the fact that Modi’s electoral campaign is packed with “lie, poisoning and hatred.”

“Their weakness is this. The election section is over for us. It opened up a fresh chapter to serve the country’s 130 crore individuals,” Modi said. The Premier said he wanted the state to advance along the development route under the governance of Chief Minister S Jagan Mohan Reddy, noting that powerful governments were created at both the Central and Andhra Pradesh Centres.

“AP has endless growth opportunities. All collaboration from the Center for State Development will be completely extended,” the Prime Minister ensured.Modi mentioned Tamil Nadu and AP in particular and expressed their gratitude to the two countries for their critical role in enhancing democracy. “We always have to serve the individuals, whether or not we have achieved victory here.

We (BJP) are and I am a component of a committed workers ‘ scheme. We will not reduce our attempts to guarantee people’s happiness and better lives even after the elections. We (BJP) are and I am a component of a committed workers ‘ scheme. We will not diminish our attempts to guarantee people’s happiness and their life even after the election.

In the near future, two excellent occasions have drawn Modi’s attention on Mahatma Gandhi’s 150th anniversary in October 2019 and the nation’s 75th independence anniversary in 2022.

“These are two important opportunities that the nation shouldn’t miss and that can be inspiring, giving us an opportunity to remember the free struggles ‘ sacrifices and promise for the country to do something,” he said.

In order to realize the dreams of 130 individuals of India, he requested Lord Venkateswara’s blessings and said states and the center should work together to establish a New India.

“We want every State to advance in the same way when we dream about a New India. Only then can a New India be constructed. Sabka Saath, and Sabka Vikas, and I’m raajyom ka bhi saath.

The seeds are here and there, the seeds. We continue our determination to make this a reality, “Modi said.” If it occurs, I’m sure we’ll be successful and prosperous, “added the prime minister.

In observing that the victorious elections were the objective only in the electoral field, the Prime Minister said that the on-going efforts to build a country and not a party should always be a victorious people’s hearts every 365 days.

“We’re neither used to this, nor our nature. In the last five years, individuals have seen a government committed exclusively to Bharat Mata’s well-being. Therefore, for the second time they gave us a renewed mandate to serve them,” he said.